The Garden Design Process

Our goal is to know what you would really like and this process outlines how we go about finding out:

An Onsite Meeting

We need to balance your wants with what the site can support. We need to talk of a thousand and one things before we begin: your lifestyle, the wind direction, the drainage, your privacy and so forth.

We need to measure up, to consider your neighbours, to take photographs and soil samples and make sketches.

A Concept Design

This first stage is to make sure we are providing you with what you want.  Changes can be made at this point as we have the ground work for what is to come.

A Master Plan

This has all the details. Ready for external quotes, construction and planting. All our plans are to scale.

How much detail do you require?

Would you like: plant lists, pot sizes, soil mixes, mulch choice, edging ideas, gravels, paving and let’s not forget Trees, deciduous or evergreen, flowering or scented? A favourite plant?

Would you like to know exactly where in your garden and how the tree or shrub will grow.

Each side of your structure is capable of supporting a different environment: a cool shaded area for summer entertaining and a sunny spot for winter relaxation.